Wildlife Trading Company provides the finest gift shop operations at wildlife, science, cultural and leisure attractions. Our mission is to transform the shopper experience to inspire an appreciation for nature, adventure and conservation.


Our passion for wildlife and conservation, in concert with our three founding principals, drives our commitment to professional success.

  • Quality. Everything we do, from merchandise to store design and the people we employ, must be held to the highest standards of quality.
  • Handcrafted. Every aspect of what we do starts with a hands-on philosophy. We customize our approach to match each attraction and partners’ needs. We are not a cookie cutter company and this defines our uniqueness in the marketplace.
  • Partner-centric. We’ve made a conscious decision not to grow too large, too quickly. This has allowed us to be completely partner-centric, ensuring sustainable growth with new accounts as well as with existing partners. We structure our relationships so each partner has frequent visits with direct access to senior management.

These three guiding principles have not only lead us to secure and maintain lasting relationships, but also provide the highest per caps in the industry. Our rate of year-over-year per cap growth outpaces the competition.


Our roots date back to 1975, when Gerry Ward started Gerry Ward and Associates, Inc., a consulting firm responsible for the design of visitor service operations and gift shops for over 100 of our nation’s most prestigious zoos, aquariums and cultural attractions.

In 1995 Gerry Ward and Associates became Wildlife Trading Company, a dedicated retail outsourcing company, applying 20 years of experience to improve partners’ revenues and retail experiences.

Today, led by James and Caroline Ward, Wildlife Trading Company continues to change the attraction retail landscape through its love and dedication to wildlife and conservation. As a company of people who have a genuine passion and appreciation for our natural world, we not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Our passion is evident in everything we do and we’re leading the way in operating shops that respect nature and cultures.

Sourcing products around the world provides James and Gerry with the opportunity to follow their passion of wildlife photography. To view some of his favorite photos, follow James on Instagram /jwwildphoto