Photography & Body Art

With a wealth of expertise, technology and out-of-the-box thinking at our disposal, we pride ourselves in creating programs that help “extend the experience” beyond the storefront. Our Photography & Body Art services are designed to do just that. And we'll work with you to develop programs that dovetail with your plans and make sense for your venue. 


Our photographic services — Roving, Green Screen, Special Exhibit, Animal Interactions and Event & Group — are custom designed to fit your guests and your venue. And we make sure that all of your guests are part of the photography process and get to choose the final product. 

Face & Body Painting

Our face painting and body art studio is not only a fan favorite, but a big revenue stream. Experienced artists create wildlife inspired master pieces — using your guest’s skin as their canvas! Face Painting and Body Art is the perfect way for visitors to show their affiliation to your specific collection. 

Additionally, we will work with you to design and develop an appropriately-themed face & body painting mobile art stations to fit you venue, and delight your guests.