What are the benefits of outsourcing?


Outsourcing an institution's retail operations to a competent, experienced concessionaire can result in both a significant increase in profits and an overall reduction of the institution's expenditures.

Here are a few benefits of outsourcing:

  • Capital investment by the contracted concessionaire will improve both the day-to-day functionality and the visual appeal of each retail store.

  • The institution is relieved of purchased inventory, staffing and operational responsibilities associated with a retail shop. The total benefit becomes exponentially greater when multiple retail stores at a particular institution are involved.

  • The marketplace experience, merchandising skills and manufacturing resources of the concessionaire assure that each retail store is stocked with a mix of trendy products that are reasonably priced and alluring to visitors of all income levels.

  • Benchmarks are established for retail sales by the concessionaire and the institution that meet or exceed the store's current performance. By contract the institution is guaranteed a certain percentage of return on retail sales.

  • Operational savings and increased retail profits generated allow an institution to move forward with other vital mission initiatives.

Is Wildlife Trading Company solely a retail company or does it operate food concessions as well?

Wildlife Trading Company is a retail company, made up of retail professionals, with dedicated resources and focused attention on growing only retail business. While we don’t operate food concessions, we have partnered with food concessionaires when appropriate.

What one item differentiates Wildlife Trading Company from other retail concessionaries?

Our proven ability to drive retail sales and increase revenue for our partners. 

Once contracted with WTC, who is our direct contact at Wildlife Trading Company?

You will have direct access to Gerry Ward, President, James Ward, Chief Operating Officer, Marie Beeler-Kurtz, VP of Operations & Merchandise, and your selected Regional Manager.  Corporate staff will visit multiple times a year and as needed to ensure that stores are operating with the high standards we set.

What departments are located in the Corporate Office, Orlando Office?

The Corporate Office in Bethel, CT contains Executive Offices, Accounting, Human Resources, Business Development and Marketing Departments. The Orlando, FL Office contains Wildlife Trading Company’s Merchandise, Operations and Store Systems Departments.