The Last Great Race® selects Wildlife Trading Company

Wildlife Trading Company [WTC], a leading retail outsource partner for cultural attractions, has partnered with the Iditarod Trail Committee, hosts of the Iditarod Race. The race covers over 1,000 miles of the roughest, most beautiful terrain Mother Nature has to offer, in temperatures far below zero, with winds that can cause a complete loss of visibility. From Anchorage, in south central Alaska, to Nome on the western Bering Sea coast, The Iditarod also known as the “The Last Great Race on Earth®” has won worldwide acclaim and interest from people all over the globe.

“The opportunity to partner with Wildlife Trading Company is good news for both of our organizations but is especially good for Iditarod fans,” says Willie Karidis, COO for the Iditarod Trail Committee. “Wildlife Trading Company will introduce a brand new line of retail products, which we are excited to promote.  Working with the professional staff of Wildlife Trading Company has been a true pleasure and we look forward to our future together.” 

“Our expertise in retail and product development will serve the Iditarod Museum and Race well. We look forward to taking part in this historic event and developing unique products and shopping experiences to match,” added Marie Beeler-Kurtz, VP of Operations and Merchandise for Wildlife Trading Company.

Wildlife Trading Company will operate the retail store at the Iditarod headquarters located in Wasilla.  To support the unique set of logistics surrounding the race, Wildlife Trading Company will also operate multiple satellite stores throughout Anchorage.  Fans of the race will also have the opportunity to purchase official Iditarod products at the restart of the race in Willow and at the finish line in Nome. 

“We are excited about our new partnership with the Iditarod Trail Committee,” says James Ward, COO of Wildlife Trading Company. “The logistics of operating stores outside during freezing conditions that existing in Alaska in March and operating stores in Nome, off of the road system, will be challenging, our team is up to the challenge.”

Wildlife Trading Company has been operating in Alaska since 2006 when it partnered with the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward.