Greater Cleveland Aquarium

CORAL COVE SHOP — Maximizing Retail Space


When Wildlife Trading Company partnered with the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the facility had set aside an 850-square-foot space for retail. As is the case with many aquariums, the allocated space was not nearly large enough to properly service the expected annual attendance.


By analyzing the overall retail space and surrounding area for expansion possibilities, the creative minds at Wildlife Trading Company came up with a plan to increase the retail footprint and maximize the sales potential. 

Wildlife Trading Company’s plan called for a three-pronged approach. First, Wildlife Trading Company determined that the storage space allocated to the shop would be better served as shopping space, and moved storage for the store to another area of the Aquarium. The second adjustment was to utilize space under a staircase. This allowed Wildlife Trading Company to move the cash wrap, create storage behind the cash wrap, and increase floor space for additional fixtures. The third change was bumping out the doorways to turn wasted space into valuable retail square footage. 


By implementing the three changes to the gift shop, Wildlife Trading Company was able to increase retail floor space by 47% to 1,250 square feet. The innovative usage of space has contributed to great success at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium where our per capita spending is performing well over budget.