Palm Beach Zoo

Al Mercado del Amazonas — Open-air Market Remodel


While the Zoo’s open-air, market-style retail operation is a perfect fit for the venue, the 3,000-square-foot store generally lacked pizzazz, and the design of the space, wall units and floor fixtures didn’t allow for proper merchandising. The store was full of empty exhibit enclosures that took up valuable retail space and didn’t maximize the opportunity to extend the Zoo’s guest experience.


From the beginning of the partnership, Wildlife Trading Company saw the potential for this retail operation to be something truly unique and inspiring. Wildlife Trading Company worked with curators and educators at the Zoo to revamp the exhibits by placing new live animals in enclosures, supported with educational signage. Wildlife Trading Company then developed custom fixtures and wall units to merchandise product around these exhibits, making the shop an extension of the zoo experience. 

A completely new store layout, fixtures and wall units, as well as hand-painted signage and finishing touches, have not only created a more dynamic retail operation, but transformed the outlet into a fun place to shop.


The Al Mercado Del Amazonas open-air market is a truly unique retail operation that incorporates live exhibits with premium products. The dynamic of pairing species on display with gift items in the same space has improved sales tremendously at this location while extending the overall guest experience.