“With two major renovations completed to our shop, the latest of which opened in October of 2010, Wildlife Trading Company has been diligent about meeting and exceeding the terms of the contract. The shop looks beautiful and ultimate return on investment indicator comes from the enthusiastic responses of our guests.”

“Wildlife Trading Company has done a wonderful job reflecting the zoo’s mission and values in not only the design of the store but in the merchandise they offer our guests.”

 - Susan Basford, Director – Reid Park Zoo


“We greatly appreciate Wildlife Trading Company’s responsiveness and the way in which they conduct business. They’ve completely and successfully integrated their retail operation into our zoo, resulting in huge smiles and a positive shopping experience from our patrons”

Rick Janser, Executive Director – Albuquerque BioPark


“Your company’s tireless work ethic and attention to detail has been a welcome change from our previous Merchandising partners. I have found your staff to be attentive, professional and product savvy. The management team you have put together for me has been outstanding. James has been a great partner to work with and I would look forward to recommending WTC to anyone that needs a first rate professional, class act merchandising company.”

 Tony Doblin, President and COO – Exhibition Dynamix


"They’ve not only fulfilled their contractual obligations by providing a quality operation and superior guest service, but they have gone above and beyond the scope of their original contract.”

“Over the past nine years, Wildlife Trading Company has consistenly exceeded revenue expectations by implementing new and innovative retail concepts to agument our visitor’s experience. We are elated with the increase in sales that has increased the per caps over 100% from what they were prior. I could not be happier with their performance, service, and professionalism.”

Rick Goulette, CFO – Oregon Coast Aquarium


"Every aspect of the various programs they have instituted in this gift shop has resulted in positive sales projections, achieving and, more often, exceeding their sales goals. 

"Currently, their per caps are among the highest in our industry in the country.  Their support and commitment to the success of the Oklahoma Aquarium is apparent in all that they do.”

Teri Bowers, COO & Executive Director – Oklahoma Aquarium


“Needless to say, I highly recommend Gerry’s company. I’ve worked with them for two decades with complete satisfaction on the quality of their management.”

 Terry Maple, Former President & CEO – Palm Beach Zoo


“In addition to the excellent business operation and positive financial flow to the BioPark, personally dealing with all members of Wildlife Trading Company is a pleasure. All of their employees go above and beyond the contract guidelines to provide the best for our facilities in terms or planning, implementing new ideas and concepts, personnel, advertising and warm working relationships with our staff.”

Ray Darnell, Former Director – Albuquerque BioPark


“WTC is a reputable outsource partner, who operates some of the finest gift shops in the zoo and aquarium market. Recently, The Living Desert decided to outsource our retail operations. It was apparent in the early stages that WTC was the best fit for our organization. Their commitment and passion for the zoo and aquarium industry assured The Living Desert that we would receive the quality and service we were looking for.”

Karen Sausman, Former President & CEO – The Living Desert


“The store at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, quickly becomes the best store in any of the twenty-five aquariums Marinescape has built.”  

 Ian Mellsop, Managing Director of Marinescape


“We are excited to have Wildlife Trading Company as our partner for retail services. Their strong history of providing retail services at Zoos and Aquariums along with their understanding of retail trends makes them an excellent choice. They are a great addition to our guest service offerings.”

Donna Powell, Business and Administrative Manager- Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and Northwest Trek Wildlife Park


“working with Wildlife Trading Company has been a pleasure. They define a company that shuns the one-size-fits-all corporate model that would be terribly unsuccessful in business and business relationships in Alaska. They are good people to work with— professional, strong in business practices, honest, and direct. We can and do talk frequently, and there has always been a direct line to both Gerry and James, who have demonstrated to me that they take a personal interest in the success of our operation. I would highly recommend WTC as an outsource retail partner to any institution.”

 Tylan Schrock, Former Executive Director – Alaska SeaLife Center